Malmö Chocolate Factory

Emil Mazetti-Nissen, from Copenhagen, founded the Malmö Chokolad och Konfektfabriks Aktiebolag in 1888, and his company continues to do so in the same factory building in Sweden’s third largest city. The company is the only one in Sweden that still carries out the whole process of chocolate manufacture, beginning with cacao beans. It has always specialised in producing chocolate with carefully-balanced flavours, taking great care in its choice of raw materials. The flavourings for pralines and truffles whose production is illustrated in the museum include sea salt, lingonberry, lime and liquorice. Another product was Eyes cocoa which was very popular in Sweden. The museum on the factory premises offers to the visitor films about the production of chocolate generally, and about the history of the Mazetti company in particular. There are demonstrations showing how chocolate is made by hand, and ample opportunities to taste Mazetti products.

Malmö Chocolate Factory
Malmö Chokladfabrik
Möllevångsgatan 363
214 20 Malmö
+46 (0) 40 - 459505