Mahymobiles Carmuseum

Ghislain Mahy, a motor dealer, established a taxi business in Ghent in 1944 which proved prosperous in the period of austerity that followed the Second World War. He acquired cars of all sorts from wherever he could, and employed them until they were no longer fit for use, after which he retained many of them in his collection of vehicles, which he subsequently expanded by purchases of especially interesting cars. More than 200 cars from the collection are displayed at Autoworld in Brussels. The remainder, about 750, are held in the former Ernaelsteen textile factory at Leuze-en-Hainaut which the Fondation Mahy acquired from the municipality in 1997. Part of the factory has been adapted as Le Musée de l’Auto which displays about 300 cars; the rest is used for storage. The oldest vehicle displayed dates from 1895 and others are of very recent date. They include a Delaunay-Belleville of 1911, an Austro-Daimler of 1923, a Lincoln limousine of 1931, a Wartburg hardtop cabriolet made in the DDR in 1960, and a Buick Riviera of 1970. There are also cars famous for their roles in films, fire engines, steam traction engines, motor cycles and bicycles. There is a collection of miniature cars, with a mini circuit on which children can drive them, and a gallery displaying the craft of coach building. 

Mahymobiles Carmuseum
Musée de l'Auto MAHYMOBILES
Rue Erna 3
7900 Leuze-en-Hainaut
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