Macclesfield Museums Heritage Centre

Silk Heritage Museum in Roe Street:

This building was once The Macclesfield School of Art built in 1877 to train designers for the silk industry. It now houses exhibitions exploring the properties of silk, design education, Macclesfield´s diverse textile industries, workers´ lives and historic machinery.


The Silk Museum follows the story of silk from its origins in China, along the silk route to Britain and its establishment in Macclesfield. An award winning audio-visual presentation tells of the development of the industry in the town from the perspective of various people involved in the silk industry. The story of silk comes to an end as we consider how silk is used in fashion.Costume, textiles and accessories from both the 19th and 20th century help to show how silk is used for some of the most important occasions in both the social calendar and family life.


Paradise Mill, Paradise Mill in Park Lane:

At this mill knowledgeable guides demonstrate the intricate processes of weaving. The mill contains 26 restored jacquard handlooms. Exhibitions and room sets illustrate life in Paradise Mill in the 1930s.

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