London Bus Museum

This museum of London buses is outside the capital near Weybridge in Surrey. The collection of buses opened in the large building at its present site in 2011, but its origins go back to 1929. The museum aims to show the engineering heritage of the collection in its historical, social and technological context and puts each bus in a diorama of a London street scene of the same date. The displays follow a timeline starting with horse-buses of 150 years ago and then the early motor-bus era before 1914. The oldest bus in the collection is from around 1875. The familiar London red double-decker was established in the 1930s and continued to develop. The oldest motor-bus in the collection dates from 1923. There are also examples of single-deck buses and service vehicles such as a break-down truck, a garage sweeper and an ambulance. Several of the historic buses carry visitors around the site.

London Bus Museum
Brooklands Road
KT13 0QS Weybridge
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1932 - 837994