Lohne Industrial Museum

The museum is a centre for documenting, preserving and communicating the industrial history of the town of Lohne and its region in Lower Saxony. The present museum opened in 2000 to bring together existing collections. Some of the local industries were cardboard and box-making, cork processing, cigar making and brush making. Plastics processing is still a significant industry in the town. All of these sectors are represented in the museum displays. There is also an exhibition about the Fuldamobil car and a steam engine that runs on steam from a boiler outside. Upstairs is a reconstructed house of a typical working family from about 1950 and an exhibition about rail transport. Nearby a museum store holds large equipment and machinery. The museum has a specialism in conserving waterlogged wood from prehistory as well as more recent periods.

Lohne Industrial Museum
Küstermeyerstrasse 20
49393 Lohne
+49 (0) 4442 - 730380