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The Maximiliansbahn, the railway from Munich to Salzburg, was opened in 1860, and remains one of Europe’s most important main lines. The last station in Germany through which trains pass before entering Austria is at Freilassing, where, in 1902-05 the Bavarian railway authority built a locomotive depot with a 20-road roundhouse, repair shops and its own power plant. It was used by Deutsches Bundesbahn until 1994, and the workshops were retained for training purposes until 1998, in which year the buildings were classified as an historic monument. In 2003 the depot was acquired by the municipality of Freilassing and the following year work commenced on adapting the buildings as a museum, which opened in 2006. Seventeen of the 20 roads in the roundhouse are used to display locomotives, steam, electric and diesel, most of which are part of the collection of the Deutsches Museum in Munich, although some are from the transport museum in Nuremburg. The other three roads in the roundhouse are used for restoration and maintenance. Some coaches and other railway vehicles are also displayed, and there is a large model showing operations at Freilassing when the depot was in use. Facilities for children are particularly imaginative.

Locomotive World
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