Lobeč Brewery

The Lobeč Brewery, a significant technical landmark of czech brewing industry, is situated in Central Bohemian Region, some 60 km north of Prague. The village is located on the edge of Kokořínsko Natural Reserve and was declared a Rural Heritage Zone with the local Brewery and a Baroque castle as landmarks.

The first written references to the Brewery date back to 1586. A double-naved vaulted barn, precious heart of the existing structure, was built in early 17th century. The premises were continuously developed, however, for centuries, they retained a form of a tiny rural Brewery. It wasn´t until the very end of the 19th century, when the owner had it rebuilt in the form of an industrial steam-powered production unit. The redevelopment project was authored by a renowned engineer, Johan Rosenberg, whose manuscript is noticeable mainly in the unique construction and typology of the cold stores.

The early 20th century saw the golden era of the Brewery development, which then continued, briefly, between the two World Wars, when the constant annual output reached 10,000 hectoliters and the Lobeč beer was highly valued in the region. The beer production was suspended in 1943, the period of economic difficulties of the Protectorate. What remained was just the local beer bottling unit and the malt house which was rented out. In 1948, the mothballed Brewery was nationalized and then, in 1949, closed down and the brewing equipment scrapped. Then, for several decades, the site was used by the local State Farm as warehouses, workshops, garages, with parts turned into housing.

Since 2007, with a new owner, construction works have been in progress, aiming first at rescuing the monument and securing the emergency condition of building structures, and then, the premises have been brought back to life and occasionally used for various events. The Brewery Lobeč Civic Association, set up in October 2009, administers the premises seeking to preserve and revive this unique industrial monument, endeavouring to organize recurrent open days and cultural events and offering guided tours for the public.

Lobeč Brewery
Lobeč 34
27736 Lobeč u Mšena
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 775 - 314719

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