Līgatne Paper Mill Village

The 30 wooden houses that comprise the village of Ligatne were built in the late nineteenth century to accommodate workers at a substantial paper mill which itself dates from 1816. In one of the houses, visitors can take a closer look at how these workers lived there: Its interior has been restored according to historical designs and is open to the public. The factory itself is no longer in operation. Its buildings are of brick, the largest of them extending to four storeys with cellars below. The village lies within the Gauja National Park which was designated in 1975. Attached to the houses are caves in the soft sandstone that were used to store vegetables during the winter months. The historic center and the paper mill can be visited on a circuit or as guided tour.

Līgatne Paper Mill Village
Spriņģu iela 2
LV 4110 Līgatne
+371 (0) 64 - 153169

Recommended duration of visit:3 Hours
Duration of a guided tour:120-180 Minutes
Access for persons with disabilities:For details see website

Tourist Information

April to September:
daily 9am-6pm

October to March:
daily 9am-5pm

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