Liechtenstein National Museum

Liechtenstein in a principality of only 160 sq km which is doubly landlocked since its only borders are with Austria and Switzerland neither of which has any coastline. Its population is over 38,000. While its economy is chiefly dependent on financial services the principality has always had some considerable concern with high-tech manufacturing.

The Liechtenstein National Museum consists of two historical buildings dating back to the Middle Ages and a modern extension with a total of around 2000 square meters of exhibition space in over 40 rooms. More than 2000 exhibits tell about the exciting history, the interesting culture and the extraordinarily diverse nature of the Principality of Liechtenstein. In addition to unique, especially valuable and very special things, the simple and everyday things are also presented, thus providing a deep insight into the sovereign small state in the heart of the Alps. In the "create" section, one of the six sections of the permanent exhibition, the economic development of Liechtenstein is presented. As a special highlight, the IndustrieWelt Liechtenstein was opened here in 2019. With many informative films, documentaries and statistics, it offers a profound insight into Liechtenstein's industrial history and today's industrial high-tech world.

The special exhibition area presents exciting exhibitions of international standing on a wide range of topics. For children and families, there are various playful activities available, which make it possible to experience individual exhibition objects through touch, smell, search and assignment.

Liechtenstein National Museum
Liechtensteinisches LandesMuseum
Städtle 43
9490 Vaduz
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