Liberec Technical Museum

Opened in 2014, Liberec Technical Museum is housed in four modern pavilions. Pavilion A is focused on transport and exhibits cars, motorcycles, bikes and railway locomotives, mostly manufactured in the Czech Republic or the former Czechoslovakia. A fascinating collection of toy vehicles is also displayed. Pavilion B traces the history of local industry up to and including the industries of the present day. It has a particular focus on the textile industry in Liberec since the Middle Ages and includes several examples of historical textile machinery. A small exhibition is dedicated to the Aircraft Mechanics College in the city and its importance in the establishment of the state of Israel in 1947-8. Pavilion C is dedicated to public transport, with a particular focus on the history of trams in the region but also a display of buses and a collection of scale models. Pavilion D exhibits luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce and Cadillac.

Liberec Technical Museum
Technické Muzeum Liberec
Masarykova 424/5
46001 Liberec
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 731 - 737969