Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant

Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant (KKL) opened in 1984 after eleven years of construction and produces around one sixth of the electricity consumed in Switzerland. It is the country’s largest nuclear power plant and has an average annual output of 9,600 gigawatt hours.  Although located on the Rhine it is cooled by a closed circuit and a cooling tower rather than by river or lake water as a requirement of the Swiss Federal Council. The single concrete cooling tower is a major landmark 144-m high. The plant generates electricity from four steam turbines, one high-pressure and three low-pressure. It is operated by Leibstadt AG, a consortium of six Swiss energy companies. Visitors on guided tours learn about nuclear energy, uses of electricity, the environment and safety systems. A short film presents the process, ‘From Uranium to Electricity’. Visitors have access around the power plant, including the control room and the cooling tower.

Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant
5325 Leibstadt
+41 (0) 56 - 2677111