Landskron Brau-Manufaktur

Named after the Landeskrone, Görlitz’s “own” mountain, the Landskron brewery has been brewing since 1869 according to a traditional method in which the beer matures for 40 days, significantly longer than usual. The 12 m deep fermentation and storage cellars are listed buildings and can be visited as part of a thematic tour, along with other production areas and the museum, established in 2007 in the director’s villa. From 1997 to 2000 a former pub and later warehouse were converted into a “Culture Brewery”, a venue with an open-air area. In the first year there were 8 events; now there are about 100 a year with recently more than 50,000 guests, not even counting the annual “Brewing Festival”. The visitor centre also provides refreshments.

Landskron Brau-Manufaktur
An der Landskronbrauerei 116
02826 Görlitz
+49 (0) 3581 - 465100