Lagar de Varas do Fojo | Municipal Museum

Moura is a spa town of some 12,000 people in southern Portugal, 40 km north-east of Beja, celebrated for the traditional wrought-work made by its smiths. It is also well-known as a centre for the production of high quality olive oil which was supplied to the principal cities of Portugal and to customers in Flanders, Germany and Spain.

The Lagar de Varas do Fojo, a building where oil was extracted and processed, has been adapted as a museum. The building, of stone and brick construction, with particularly notable tiled floors, dates from 1841, and was used for precisely 100 years. Edge runner mills which extracted oil from the fruit are preserved along with vertical presses.

Lagar de Varas do Fojo | Municipal Museum
Museu Municipal de Moura
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