Lace Manufacturing Museum

Housed in the fine three-story factory of Auguste Experton and Son, built in 1913, this museum celebrates the history of lacemaking. The collection comprises the artefacts of the factory and the designs of Claire Experton and Company dating back to the 1880s: 450,000 objects, including lace samples, lacemaking tools and fine art. The first part of the museum looks at the early days of lacemaking in the Haute-Loire region, featuring pieces made for the Universal Exhibitions of the late-nineteenth century. In the ethnographic section, pictures, interactive displays and documents bring alive the daily experience of female thread workers. Another area is devoted to the creative work of lacemakers, including drawings and paintings. On the ground floor, visitors see the machines used in the Haute-Loire region since 1902. Live lacemaking demonstrations are given.

Lace Manufacturing Museum
Musée des manufactures de dentelles
14 Avenue de la Gare
43130 Retournac
+33 (0) 471 - 594163