Krenzer Hammer

Experience forging technology up close at the Krenzer Hammer. It is one of the last surviving open-die forges in Germany which works with the help of historical facilities.

The Krenzer Hammer is situated in the valley of the Ennepe river, one of the most scenic valleys in the northern Sauerland region. The heavily forested surroundings and the water of the Ennepe provide a habitat for numerous protected animal and plant species. The valley's inhabitants knew how to make use of the valley's other riches centuries ago, first mining ore above and then below ground. The ore was smelted into iron in smelting ovens and ponds and ditches were dug in order to generate energy using water wheels. This meant that an attractive industrial heritage landscape developed which can still be seen at many sites today. There were once 48 forges over a stretch of 8 kilometres.

The Krenzer Hammer is the last forge in operation in the valley and survives as a complete, functioning complex. Records from 1826 document the Pedenhöder Hammer, with two water-powered work sites. In 1910, Friedrich Wilhelm Krenzer acquired one of the forges and built a factory hall there which was considered state-of-the-art by the standards of the day, with its transmission-powered drop and air hammers. He replaced the water wheel with a turbine system. Two drop hammers dating back to this time remain and are still powered by transmission and used for the daily production of special tools. The turbine, which was updated in 1990, continues to generate a large share of the energy for operations.

Krenzer Hammer
Peddenöde 3
58256 Ennepetal
+49 (0) 2333 - 74903

Recommended duration of visit:1 Hours
Duration of a guided tour:30-60 Minutes
Access for persons with disabilities:Available
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Gift and book shop on site:yes

Friday 3-6pm

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