Krásno Mining Museum

The Mining Museum at Krásno in the Slavkov Forest in the north-western part of the Czech Republic is a branch of the regional museum at Sokolov. It is based around the Vilém tin mine, which worked from the First World War until 1991, although displays also illustrate the history of coal-mining in the area. The museum is centred on the former tin ore-processing plant that was reconstructed in 1994-98. Other structures that survive include the headstock, the engine room, some workshops and a transformer house which retains its original equipment. Exhibits brought from other sites include a steam engine of 1897. An open air section includes machines that are too large to display within the building and a narrow gauge railway system that offers rides to visitors.

Krásno Mining Museum
Hornické muzeum Krásno
Cinová 408
35731 Krásno
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 352 - 688740