Kraftturisme i Vestlandsregionen project

The production of hydro power is recognised as the beginning of the industrialisation in Norway. For more than 100 years, the hydro power industry has shaped the settlements in the fjord district of Norway, as well as influenced the development of the local culture and day to day life.

In the fjord district of Norway some of the old power plants, often called the 'cathedrals of Norway', turned into museums and visitor centers and can today be visited like the sites and places in the following photo gallery and 'related links' section. Combined with stunning experiences in the nature, the fjords, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls, a visit to these old and historical plants will add an extra dimension and enable visitsors to learn more about the cultural heritage and how the waterfalls have been and still are the most green and sustainable power resource by turning water into electricity.

The tourism potential of this cultural and industrial heritage in the hydroelectric landscape of Norway's fjord region with its attractive nature experiences is now to be further developed, networked and highlighted. Therefore the project 'Kraftturisme i Vestlandsregionen', managed by 'Amland Reiselivsutvikling', has been set up with the aims to

  • preserve and promote knowledge about the hydro power industry in the fjord district of Norway
  • develop and strengthen the awareness of the cultural value of the sites and objects of industrial heritage as an important part of the region's history
  • contribute to activate and combine the cultural heritage with the tourism industry and convey the history of the industrial heritage
  • develop added value based on a combination of nature and cultural based tourism experiences and routes in the fjord region of Norway

Kraftturisme i Vestlandsregionen project
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