Kościerzyna Railway Museum

The Railway Museum in Kościerzyna has a large and growing collection of rail vehicles with historic locomotive sheds, workshops and a 1930s office building. The original locomotive depot was built when the railway reached this region in 1885. It was on an important route connecting the growing industrial region of Silesia with the port of Gdańsk. The museum was begun in 1992 and is continuing to develop. Its collection of vehicles includes around twelve steam locomotives from the early to mid twentieth century and about eight diesel and electric locomotives. One locomotive is cut open to show the inside of the boiler. There are also passenger carriages, goods wagons and tankers.

Kościerzyna Railway Museum
Muzeum Kolejnictwa
ul. Towarowa 7
83-400 Kościerzyna
+48 (0) 58 - 7218631