Knife-making Museum Taramundi

The museum is attached to a workshop that continues to make pocket knives by hand – Navallas de Taramundi. The Quintana family has made knives in the region for seven generations, since around 1700. They mark all of their products ‘CQ’. The workshop and museum are in a traditional stone building at the top of the road between the houses in the village of Pardiñas near Taramundi, in the mountains of western Asturias. The museum opened in 2007 and was updated in 2018 with videos, photographs, information panels, models and displays. Among the artefacts preserved are forges and bellows, grinding wheels, work benches and examples of knives and handles of different materials in each stage of formation. Visitors also see craftspeople working in a more comfortable modern workshop. Outside, there is a horizontal waterwheel and the symbol of the museum is a huge knife, 7-m long.

Knife-making Museum Taramundi
Museo de la Cuchillería Taramundi
Pardiñas, s/n
33775 Taramundi
+34 (0) 60406 - 1416