Knife-makers’ Museum

The Messerer Museum is located in a prominent position on the bank of the River Steyr in the centre of the small historic town of Steinbach an der Steyr. The production of blades and knives was among the important iron-based industries of the Steyr area for centuries. The present handsome, three-storey buildings date from 1892 with many later alterations but the site was probably used for knife grinding as long ago as the Middle Ages. The museum is housed in the front building. From the 1930s it was the knife factory of Franz Pils and Son. On the ground floor the production of knives is explained and on the two floors above are exhibitions about the knifemakers and their place in the history of the region. The museum was created by a voluntary association and opened in 1998.

Knife-makers’ Museum
Hochgasse 17
4596 Steinbach an der Steyr
+43 (0) 7252 - 5322941