Klevfos Industrial Museum

The Klevfos museum, 20 km east of Hamar, is a conserved chemical wood pulp and paper mill, built in 1888, which once made 3000 tonnes pa of sulphate pulp that was used to make wrapping paper. Most of the machinery displayed dates from 1911, when it was installed after a fire two years earlier. The machines were powered by two 80 hp turbines, and electricity was used only for lighting.

At first wood was delivered by river, but a railway siding was later installed that was shunted between 1919 and 1953 by the Robert Stephenson 2-4-0 locomotive No 17, Caroline, of 1861, that is preserved at Hamar.

Klevfos Industrial Museum
Klevfos Industrimuseum
2345 Ådalsbruk
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