Kauttua Ironworks

The Kauttua Ironworks ensemble is the result of over 330 years of iron and paper industry. In 1689, Creutz was granted the privilege of building an ironworks by a mining college. At the turn of the 20th century, wood processing developed alongside iron production, first in the form of a sawmill and later in various forms of paper processing.

The history of Kauttua from the establishment of the ironworks village to the present day is presented in an exhibition in the visitor centre. The focus is on the industrial history, nature and community of Ruukinpuisto from 1689 to the present day. In addition to the ironworks itself, visitors can explore the local architecture, exhibitions, cafés and restaurants.

The area is known for its diverse architecture, from the red ochre of the ironworks to the modernism of Alvar Aalto. Aalto's most famous site is the Terassitalo building, built in 1938, which can be explored via an exhibition space. Other buildings designed by Aalto in the Ironworks Village include a sauna and laundry building and Villa Aalto. The Ironworks have been designated as a built cultural heritage site of national significance by the Finnish Heritage Agency.

Kauttua Ironworks
Kauttuan Ruukinpuisto
Timmintie 20 b
27500 Eura
+358 (0) 44 - 4224827

Recommended duration of visit:1,5+ Hours
Duration of a guided tour:90+ Minutes
Access for persons with disabilities:For details see website
Infrastructure for children:
Visitor centre on site:yes
Gift and book shop on site:yes

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