Junghans Terrassenbau-Museum

This is an extraordinary and beautiful industrial building. It was a watch factory built on a steep hillside in many terraces so that all the workshops would have large windows for light. It was completed in 1918 for the Junghans watch factory and designed by Philipp Jakob Manz (1861-1936) of Stuttgart. The Junghans company began in 1861 and in 1903 had 3,000 employees. The building was carefully restored and opened as a museum of clocks and watches in 2018. It displays an important collection of clocks and watches made in the Black Forest from the eighteenth century onwards, an eighteenth-century watch-maker’s workshop, self-playing pianos (which were also made in the region) and displays about the history of the Junghans company, its designs and technology and its importance in the town.

Junghans Terrassenbau-Museum
Lauterbacher Straße 68
78713 Schramberg
+49 (0) 7422 - 560050