inGE Association for the Promotion and Diffusion of the Industrial Heritage and Culture of Genoa and Liguria

inGE is devoted to encourage the awareness and knowldge of industrial heritage and culture in Genova and Liguria.

The organization’s goal is to activate and promote projects able to enhance studies in the field, and knowledge of industrial architecture and local industrial tradition. Our belief is that the valorization of the historical heritage of Genoa cannot be separated from the awareness of the region’s industrial past and local productions. In effect, they have played an important role on both a national and international level. Founded in 2015 by three experts of industrial heritage and tourism with significant international experience, inGE is first and foremost a resource for the territory, aimed at helping it claim its proper place in the international scene of industrial heritage, as well as in the expanding field of industrial tourism.

The Republic of Genova and then the city of Genova has had merchant, banking, and industrial primacy on the Mediterranean. The ancient port is "embraced" by the historic centre - which is said to be the larget historic centre in Europe.

The first initiative of inGE was a visit called "Di molo in molo" ("from dock to dock"). It consists in a walk to discover and understand the industrial traces of Genova's ancient port. In 1992, in the occasion of the Christopher Columbus Celebrations, this area was transformed into one of the main tourist venues of the city. Once, it however was the core of the commercial, industrial and merchant activity of the Republic of Genoa: a multi-century port structure that still houses important traces of its transformations:
- from medieval salt warehouses to store cotton of late '800th century
- from the sea-walls from the '500th "duty" fences of the '900th century
- the remains of the seventeenth century's docks and the '800th century's dry docks
- the first hand-powered iron crane to the giant cranes of the '900th century.
His symbols are the Lanterna (lighthouse), built in the 12th century and rebuilt in the 16th century; and Palazzo San Giorgio, now headquarters of the Port Authority, it tells a story dating back to the MiddleAges in his buildings, beautifully restored and re-invented in the 19th century.

The Western area of the city has been developed around the modern commercial port and was famous - after the II World War - for the establishement of important industries such as Piaggio and Ansaldo.

Genova is traditionally an industrial city: its industry is characterized by the presence of large companies of the steel, shipbuilding and electromechanical. They fostered the growth of a vibrant network of small and medium-sized subcontractors, with peaks of excellence in the fields of shipbuilding and naval reparations, electro-mechanics, electronics, biomedical and robotics. 

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inGE Association for the Promotion and Diffusion of the Industrial Heritage and Culture of Genoa and Liguria
inGE Associazione per la Promozione e la Diffusione della Cultura e del Patrimonio Industriale a Genova e in Liguria
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