IFA Museum

The IFA Museum celebrates the mechanical engineering tradition of Nordhausen. Nordhausen’s engineering works became part of Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau (IFA), a group of companies across the former German Democratic Republic that made bicycles, motorcycles, cars and commercial vehicles. From 1945 to 1947, rocket engines were built at the plant in a secret Soviet project. The IFA Nordhausen factory closed in 1992. The museum’s 50 restored exhibits in one of the IFA buildings include locomotives, tractors and engines as well as some interesting prototypes that did not go into production. There are also cutaway models of diesel engines and the Famulus tractor. Important exhibits include the L308 locomotive built in 1922 and the Maybach 12-cylinder tank engine. Also shown are children's scooters and bicycles. A 3D model of the IFA plant in 1992 makes clear its large scale: it had 4,000 employees and produced up to 57,000 diesel engines a year.

IFA Museum
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