Icebreaker Krasin

The icebreaker Krasin, now preserved off the south bank of Vasilyevsky Island in St Petersburg has had one of the most eventful histories of any European seagoing vessel. She was built in 1916-17 by Vickers Armstrong at Newcastle-upon-Tyne to the design of the Russian Admiral Stpan O Makarov and was originally named Svyatogor. She was re-named in 1927 after the Soviet leader Leonid Borisovich Krasin 1870-1926). In 1928 the crew of the Krasin helped to rescue the surviving members of the airship expedition to the North Pole led by the Italian explorer Umberto Nobile (1885-1978), and in the same year saved the German passenger vessel Monte Cervantes after she hit an icebert while carrying 1835 passengers. In 1933 she was the first vessel to reach the shorts of Novaya Zemya. During the Second World War she led Allied conveys of ships carrying supplies to the seaports of Northern Russia. After the war Krasin served as a research vessel and also led some pioneering convoys of Russian ships through the polar seas.

Icebreaker Krasin
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