Hundisburg Brick Works

Hundisburg Brickworks is a brick factory that opened in 1882 and produced bricks until 1990. After work ceased, the former factory was preserved by the local authority and turned into a museum to present the history of brick manufacturing and the use of brick in building since the Babylonians. The group of buildings represents the brickworks as it was redeveloped for machine operation in 1903.  The courtyard of brick buildings with red tile roofs is arranged around the kiln and the tall chimney that drew air through it. Visitors are shown around a factory where bricks are still made. The tour follows the production process, from the preparation of raw materials to moulding, drying and firing. Features include a steam engine, a reconstructed kiln-like brick oven from the Middle Ages and an operational coal-fired continuous zigzag kiln from 1938, which produced 3.2 million bricks annually. A narrow-gauge railway that transported clay takes visitors to see the clay pit and a bucket chain excavator.

Hundisburg Brick Works
Jacob-Bührer-Straße 2
39343 Haldensleben
+49 (0) 3904 - 42835