Historama Museum of Technology

Historama is a large transport museum at Ferlach in the south of Austria. It is one of a network of heritage projects by the non-profit organisation Die Nostalgiebahnen in Kärnten (Nostalgia Railways of Corinthia). The many exhibits are housed in an open-plan exhibition space of 4,700 square metres in a former factory building. They represent most modes of transport in Austria, including horse carriages, bicycles, trams and trains, motor vehicles and aeroplanes. All kinds of specialist vehicles are included, such as fire engines, rescue vehicles, police cars, buses, lorries, vans and tractors. The motorcars and motorbikes range from some of the earliest made to recent models. Among the unique items is a man-powered flying machine made in Austria in 1913. Visitors can try setting a traditional railway signal or operate a model railway layout. The association has workshops where it keeps vehicles in drivable condition.


Historama Museum of Technology
Auengasse 2
9170 Ferlach
+43 (0) 664 - 5301933