Herzberge Boiler House Museum

Nestled between commercial buildings and main roads, the Herzberge landscape park offers a peaceful oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of a large city. Right in the middle of it can be found the complex of brick buildings constructed in late 19th century to form the Evangelisches Krankenhaus Königin Elisabeth Herzberge hospital. The boiler house, which was used to generate heat for 100 years and also power in the early decades, is now a visitor attraction thanks to its status as a listed industrial heritage building, museum and events location. Highlights for fans of technology include furnaces from three generations (1892 to 1961) which were used to generate the necessary steam.

Berlin’s industrialisation, the rapid increase in population which accompanied it and new discoveries in the field of medicine led to a veritable boom in new hospitals in Berlin and surrounding communities during the late 19th century. The “Stنdtische Irrenanstalt zu Lichtenberg (Herzberge)”, a municipal asylum opened in 1893 in the formerly independent parish of Lichtenberg, was built according to the plans of Berlin’s director of town planning, Hermann Blankenstein. A form of self-sufficient energy supply was needed. All of the buildings were heated via the boiler house. Even power was self-generated until the parish was incorporated into Greater Berlin in 1920 and connected to the municipal energy grid. Along with the technical exhibition about the boiler, the museum’s permanent exhibition addresses the history of medicine, hospitals and the architect Hermann Blankenstein. The museum’s volunteer employees are always happy to welcome interested visitors on Tuesdays, Thursdays and during the various cultural events held.

Herzberge Boiler House Museum
Herzbergstraße 79
10365 Berlin

Recommended duration of visit:1,5 Hours
Duration of a guided tour:60 Minutes
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Tuesday 2-4pm
Thursday 2-6pm
closed on public holidays

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