Herrenwyk History Workshop Industrial Museum

The History Workshop deals with the era in Lübeck from industrialization to deindustrialization: its transformation from an ancient merchant city to and industrial one in the nineteenth century and the closure of many industries in recent decades. The key sectors in the city were steelmaking, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and food processing, especially in the post-war economic boom of the 1950s. The district of Herrenwyk was an industrial suburb where the steel plant opened in 1907. Shipbuilding began nearby in 1917. The History Workshop began its activities in 1983 in the former factory shop of the steelworks, on the edge of the workers’ settlement. It shows the history of the two major plants and their people and also the tens of thousands of forced labourers brought here in the Second World War. The collection includes machines and tools related to steelmaking and shipbuilding, objects of everyday life, office equipment an extensive photography collection.

Herrenwyk History Workshop Industrial Museum
Industriemuseum Geschichtswerkstatt Herrenwyk
Kokerstraße 1-3
23569 Lübeck
+49 (0) 451 - 1224195