Harrachov Mining Museum

The preserved mine at Harrachov operated from 1957 until 1992 in the mountains on the present border of the Czech Republic and Poland. It opened as a museum in 2003. The minerals extracted at the mine included fluorite, barytes, galena and quartz, which had varied uses in the chemical and metallurgical industries. The mine had a vertical shaft and seven galleries with over 20 km of tunnels. The tour extends for around 1 km into rock-cut tunnels that are lit by electricity and have gravels floors for easy walking. Visitors see the shaft and an underground winding engine, the mineral loade, underground railways, an electric locomotive and trams, and mining equipment such as rock drills driven by compressed air. In the museum on the surface are samples of minerals, tools, safety equipment and models and displays about the mine’s history.

Harrachov Mining Museum
Hornické Muzeum Harrachov
Harrachov 654
51246 Harrachov
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 602 - 603739