Harbor Museum

Right in the middle of Hamburg’s port you will find a network of cargo-handling equipment including ships and railways, sheds and cranes. By 1912, the construction of Hamburg’s dockside sheds 50 to 53 at Bremer quay had heralded a pioneering infrastructure for cargo handling. Cargo storage warehouse sheds 50 and 51 were among the most modern of their time.

Hamburg’s Port Museum can be found here today. The exterior grounds present historical cranes, handling equipment and ships including the freighter “Bleichen”. If you want to experience the history and development of Hamburg’s port close-up, Hamburg’s Port Museum along the 50 section is the right place for you.


Harbor Museum
Schuppen 50a Kleiner Grasbrook Australiastraße
20457 Hamburg
+49 (0) 40 - 73091184