Hangar 46 - Værlose airfield national museum of military history

Værlose is a community on the north-western outskirts of Copenhagen and the location of a former Royal Danish Air Force base. Military use of the site began in 1910 when a camp was established there for the training of army recruits. It became an air base in 1934, but the forces there proved incapable of defending Copenhagen from the Luftwaffe in 1940. In the closing weeks of the Second World War many flights with refugees from East Prussia and the Baltic states landed there, and some 131 aircraft were parked around the perimeter.

Danish forces again took over the base from 1946 and many new buildings were erected during the Cold War.
The base closed in 2004 and now houses a museum of military history, featuring Denmark’s role in the Cold War, and particularly displaying heavy military equipment from the 1950s including tanks, armoured personnel carriers, jeeps, motorcycles, rocket launchers and artillery pieces.

Hangar 46 - Værlose airfield national museum of military history
Flyvestation Værlose Nationalmuseets Militærhistoriske Magazin
3500 Kirke Værlose
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