Hadeland Glassworks

The Hadeland Glassworks, picturesquely situated on the shore of the Randesfjord, was established in 1762, and is by repute the oldest manufacturing concern in Norway. Initially the company produced bottles, jars and other mundane domestic items, but from 1852, under the management of Ole-Chr Berg, it embarked on the production of lead crystal and other decorative forms of glass. In the nineteenth century most designs were copied from those of overseas manufacturers, but a distinctive design tradition was established from the 1920s. There are extensive displays of historic glass, and visitors are also able to see demonstrations of glass blowing by the company’s current craftsmen. There are several shops, and the glass works, with 600,000 visitors per year, is Norway’s third most popular tourist attraction.

Hadeland Glassworks
Hadeland Glassverk
Glassverksveien 9
3520 Jevnaker
+47 (0) 6136 - 6470