Grom Motorcycle Museum

The Grom Motorcycle Museum in Vransko is a captivating destination for motorcycle enthusiasts and those interested in the history and development of motorcycling. Vransko, 40 km north-east of Ljubljana, is located in the valley of "green gold," a reference to hops fields planted in the surrounding area.

The museum is home to a remarkable private collection showcasing the evolution of motorcycling not only in Slovenia but also worldwide. With over 150 motorcycles on display, visitors can explore a diverse range of bikes, including those from world-famous manufacturers as well as rare and valuable examples.

In addition to the extensive motorcycle exhibit, the museum also houses a great collection of memorabilia related to motorcycling. This memorabilia might include historical documents, vintage posters, classic motorcycle accessories, and other artefacts that offer insight into the rich heritage of this two-wheeled mode of transport.

Additionally, the museum complex offers a Bed & Breakfast accommodation, providing a convenient and comfortable stay for those looking to immerse themselves further in the motorcycling experience.

Grom Motorcycle Museum
Muzej Motociklov Grom
Vransko 29a
3305 Vransko
+38 (0) 641 - 989191

Recommended duration of visit:1 Hours
Duration of a guided tour:60 Minutes
Access for persons with disabilities:None
Infrastructure for children:
Gift and book shop on site:yes

daily 10am-6pm
holidays closed or by reservation / booking for groups


  • Guided tours optional
  • Tours in other languages
  • Guided tours for children