Greifswald Nuclear Power Station

Greifswald was the largest nuclear power station in East Germany. Construction began in 1967 to a Soviet design and at its peak it employed 10,000 workers. It was decommissioned in 1990. ‘Block 6’ was under construction when it was decided to decommission the power station. It never contained nuclear fuel. This creates a unique opportunity to let visitors see the interior of a nuclear power plant – a type of industrial building of great historical importance but not accessible. Guided tours go to the reactor, the coolant pumps and the steam generators. An information centre has displays about nuclear energy, waste disposal, the process of decommissioning and protection against radiation, with models, graphics and original equipment and costumes.

Greifswald Nuclear Power Station
Kernkraftwerks Greifswald
Latzower Straße
17509 Lubmin
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