Glass Museum

The Glass Museum celebrates glassmaking in Portugal from the seventeenth century to the present. The collections come from several sources and includes glass products, machinery, tools and archives. Marinha Grande became a focus for the glass industry after the British industrialist William (Guillermo) Stephens settled set up a glassworks in 1769. The museum is in the neoclassical mansion that Stephens built for himself. On the first floor are displays of glass products, ranging from the finest chandeliers and vessels to medicine bottles. The second floor explains the methods of manufacturing through original moulds, tools and protective clothing as well as photographs. On the top floor, craftsmen can be seen at work and there is a shop. There are also exhibitions of leading makers and designers in the centre for contemporary art connected to the museum. Marinha Grande is still an important centre for glass manufacturing and tours of working factories are organised.

Glass Museum
Museu do Vidro
Palácio Stephens, Praça Guilherme Stephens
2430-522 Marinha Grande
+351 (0) 244 - 573377