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Belfast | United Kingdom
The story of RMS (Royal Mail Ship) Titanic which sank in the North Atlantic on her maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg on 14 April 1912 with the loss of the lives of 1500 of the 2200 people on board, is commemorated in museums in several countries. She sailed from Southampton and called at ...

Titanic Belfast
1 Olympic Way
BT3 9£P Belfast, United Kingdom

Belper | United Kingdom
At Belper, 14 km north of Derby and 10 km south of Cromford, the Strutt family built textile mills from 1773, transforming a small town whose main manufacture had been nails into one of eighteenth-century England’s principal centres of cotton spinning. The drawing of the iron-framed North Mill from ...

Belper North Mill
DE56 1YD Belper, United Kingdom

Benburb | United Kingdom
The most important industry in north-eastern Ireland in the 19th and 20th centuries was the manufacture of linen, and one of the best monuments of that industry in the Bunburb Valley Heritage Centre, located in a former linen weaving mill alongside the Ulster Canal on the borders of counties Armagh ...

Benburb Valley Heritage Centre
Milltown Road
BT71 7LZ Benburb, United Kingdom

Berwick-upon-Tweed | United Kingdom
Berwick-upon-Tweed is an archetypal border town on the frontier between England and Scotland. Since 1482 it has been part of England and enjoyed the status of a county corporate until 1885 when for local government purposes it became part of the county of Northumberland. The town lies on the north ...

Berwick-upon-Tweed Museum & Art Gallery
Berwick Barracks
The Parade
TD15 1DQ Berwick-upon-Tweed, United Kingdom

Betws-y-Coed | United Kingdom
The road between London and Holyhead, the packet port for Dublin on the island of Anglesey in north Wales, was improved on an heroic scale between 1815 and 1840, under the direction of a commission established by parliament with Sir Henry Parnell (1776-1842) as its chairman and Thomas Telford ...

Holyhead Road | Waterloo Bridge
Betws-y-Coed, United Kingdom

Biggar | United Kingdom
Biggar is a small market town mostly built along a single main street. As in most towns in the United Kingdom, a company was established in the nineteenth to provide coal gas, initially for lighting but subsequently for cooking and heating. The Biggar Gas Light Company which completed its gasworks ...

Biggar Gasworks Museum
Gasworks Road
ML12 6BZ Biggar, United Kingdom

Birkenhead | United Kingdom
Birkenhead is the historic home of the first street tramway in Europe. It was here on August 29 1860 that Europe´s first tramway was established, running from Woodside to Birkenhead Park. This early system was horse-drawn and was the brainchild of flamboyant American, George Francis Train, the real ...

Birkenhead Tramway & Wirral Transport Museum
1 Taylor Street
CH41 1BG Birkenhead, United Kingdom

Birmingham | United Kingdom
No one can grasp a proper understanding of the industrial heritage of the West Midlands without a visit to the Back to Backs in Birmingham. Here you can see the home workshops which generated the momentum to propel the region and power the ‘City of a thousand trades’. Many have come to think of ...

Birmingham Back to Backs
55-63 Hurst Street
B5 4TE Birmingham, United Kingdom

George Cadbury was quite a man. He left us two fantastic legacies. No prizes for guessing the first one, but do you know the other? A clue is that to appreciate it fully you need to visit the Birmingham Back-to-Backs before coming to Bournville. Having established his now world famous chocolate ...

Bournville Village & The Bournville Experience
Cadbury World
Linden Road Bournville
B30 2LU Birmingham, United Kingdom

Birmingham | United Kingdom
The silver factory established in 1881 by Jenkin Evans is one of several former workshops in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter that now show to visitors something of the range of goods made in the area and the working conditions of the craftsmen employed there. Evans established his business in small ...

J. W. Evans Silver Factory
54-57 Albion Street
B1 3EA Birmingham, United Kingdom

Birmingham | United Kingdom
As the threat of European war increased in the 1930s the British government embarked in 1936 on a scheme to build ‘shadow factories’ for which government provided capital for existing companies to build new works, on condition that on the outbreak of hostilities they would be available for munitions ...

Jaguar Visitor Centre
Chester Road Castle Vale
B35 7RA Birmingham, United Kingdom

Birmingham | United Kingdom
The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter is a perfectly preserved workshop offering a unique glimpse of working life in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter. For more than 80 years, the firm of Smith & Pepper produced jewellery from this workshop. Explore this extraordinary time capsule on a lively ...

Museum of the Jewellery Quarter
75-80 Vyse Street Hockley
B18 6HA Birmingham, United Kingdom

Birmingham | United Kingdom
Isn’t is astonishing to think that when Boulton and Watt were busily producing steam engines, people were still using feather quill pens to write with? It wasn’t until 1803 that the first steel pens were made and Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter rapidly established itself as the world centre for the ...

Pen Museum
Unit 3, The Argent Centre 60 Frederick Street Jewellery Quarter
B1 3HS Birmingham, United Kingdom

Birmingham | United Kingdom
Something´s not right. You´re in a fine Georgian house surrounded by the furniture and fittings of the 1790s, but there on the wall is a large photograph of the moon. This must be a mistake. But it´s not. It´s actually a painting, meticulously made through observations with a primitive telescope in ...

Soho House
Soho Avenue (off Soho Road) Handsworth
B18 5LB Birmingham, United Kingdom

Birmingham | United Kingdom
Many aspects of Birmingham’s industrial history are now illustrated in the city’s Jewellery Quarter. One of the most recent additions is the Coffin Works in Fleet Street, a three-storey factory  designed by Roger Hurley and completed in 1892. Two years later it was taken over by Alfred and Edwin ...

The Coffin Works
13-15 Fleet Street
B3 1JP Birmingham, United Kingdom

Blackpool | United Kingdom
One of the most recognised landmarks in the region owes its existence to Victorian engineering ingenuity, opening in 1894 at a cost of £64,000. Situated on the seafront between the North and Central Piers, today the Tower is an entertainment mecca, featuring a circus, aquarium and major family shows ...

Blackpool Tower
Bank Hey Street
FY1 4BJ Blackpool, United Kingdom

Blaenau Ffestiniog | United Kingdom
The landscape around Blaenau Ffestioniog is dominated by the legacy of slate extraction, by the bare rock faces of quarries and by towering heaps of slate scree. Slate from Blaenau was used to roof buildings all over the world in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Since 1972 visitors ...

Llechwedd Slate Caverns
LL41 3NB Blaenau Ffestiniog, United Kingdom

Blaenavon | United Kingdom
Blaenavon Ironworks began production in 1789 and is now the best preserved ironworks of its period in the world it is a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The site is the main focus of the Blaenavon Industrial Landscape which was inscribed by UNESCO in December 2000 as a World Heritage Site. In the early ...

Blaenavon Ironworks World Heritage Site
North Street
NP4 9RN Blaenavon, United Kingdom

Bolton | United Kingdom
The textile machinery collection is an extremely important one. The museum began collecting textile machines in the 19th century and amongst the items at the heart of this collection is the only surviving example of a spinning mule that was made by the inventor himself, Samuel Crompton of Bolton. ...

Bolton Museum, Aquarium and Archive
Le Mans Crescent
BL1 1SE Bolton, United Kingdom

Bolton | United Kingdom
The Northern Mill Engine Society was formed in 1966 and can be seen as part of a growing nationwide awareness in the United Kingdom that the nation’s industrial heritage was under threat. The Society’s object was to collect examples of characteristic steam engines from the many textile mills in ...

Bolton Steam Museum
Mornington Road
BL1 4EU Bolton, United Kingdom

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