German Agricultural Museum at Hohenheim

The Deutsches Landwirtschaftsmuseum Hohenheim (German Agricultural Museum at Hohenheim) was established in the 1960s, primarily to display the university’s collection of nineteenth century agricultural tools and machines but has since been considerably expanded. The University of Hohenheim, the oldest of Stuttgart’s current universities, was founded in 1818, and occupies Schloss Hohenheim, built between 1772 and 1793. Its agricultural and horticultural departments have been based in the grounds of the castle since the university was founded. Displays related to farming, food processing, the mechanisation of agriculture, and rural life generally over the past 200 years. Large numbers of tractors, including steam ploughing engines are displayed. The development of harvesting machinery for grain is fully explained, and there are displays on the processing of flax and sugar beet.

German Agricultural Museum at Hohenheim
Deutsches Landwirtschaftsmuseum Hohenheim Univerrsität Hohenheim
Garbenstrasse 91
70599 Stuttgart
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