Galician Museum of the Sea

The technology of fishing - from small boats to factory ships -, shellfish industry, aquafarming, but also oceanography with all its facets: the variety of aspects in the Galician Maritime Museum reflects the close and centuries-old relationship between Galicia and the sea. This can be traced back to the Bronze Age, as is shown by the remains of a settlement dating from the 8th century BC. The museum occupies a refurbished and extensively enlarged canning factory, and the design of its permanent exhibition based on illuminated cubes is inspired by the neighbouring container port of Vigo. Video and audio documents, interactive screens and original objects illustrate the history of regional fishing.

Galician Museum of the Sea
Museo do Mar de Galicia
160 Avenida Atlántica
36208 Vigo
+34 (0) 986 - 247750