Frantisek Ironworks

The ruin of the Frantiskova Huta, or Frantisek Ironworks, is one of the most imposing monuments of iron making in Europe. The ironworks was built in 1838 in the classical style, following a symmetrical plan, with the blast furnace placed centrally. The red sandstone structure is ornamented with pilasters and friezes. The furnace ceased working in 1862, supposedly because the quality of its iron failed to satisfy its customers. The ruin is preserved on account of its architectural qualities by the national conservation body in Slovakia. It is located 2 km from the village of Podbiel, well known for its many houses in the ‘gingerbread’ style of the late nineteenth century. The furnace site is the location each year for a folk festival and for a demonstration of traditional methods of iron ore mining.

Frantisek Ironworks
Františkova huta
Local authority office
02742 Podbiel
+42 (0) 143 - 5381031