Fiat Historical Centre

The priorities for enthusiasts for the history of the motor car industry when visiting Turin are likely to be the Lingotto factory and Italy’s National Motor Museum, but, although it is open only on Sundays, the Fiat Historical Centre also provides much that is interesting. It is located in an Art Nouveau building that formed part of the Fiat manufacturing complex in its early years, and opened in 1963. It holds a substantial of Fiat products, including the Mephistopheles car that broke the world speed record in 1924, the 702, the first Fiat tractor of 1919, and the 18BL truck that was used by the Italian army in the First World War. There are also railcars and aircraft, as well as refrigerators and washing machines from the period when Fiat also made household appliances. The company archive, held within the same building includes more than 300,000 technical drawings and more than 200 hours of historical film.

Fiat Historical Centre
Centro Storico Fiat
Via Gabriele Chiobrara 20
10126 Torino
+39 (0) 110006 - 6240