FFA Museum

FFA stands for 'Fliegermuseum, Fahrzeugmuseum Altenrhein' (Altenrhein aircraft and motorcar museum). The museum is located at St Gallen Altenrhein airfield in Switzerland, close to Lake Constance and the border with Austria. Soon after the First World War, the airfield was the site of a Dornier aircraft factory where flying boats were built. The museum shows historic aircraft, most of which are flown regularly, alongside high-performance and luxury cars and racing cars. Most of the aircraft have a strong connection to Swiss aviation. They include aircraft made in Switzerland by Pilatus and Dornier and aircraft flown by the Swiss air force. Exhibits include an Aerospatiale helicopter, a Boeing Stearman designed in the 1930s, a Dassault Mirage fighter, a De Haviland used as a trainer by the air force until the 1960s and an Italian Piaggio. Among cars on display, dating from the 1930s onwards, are models by Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Jaguar, all in immaculate condition

FFA Museum
Flughafenstrasse 11
9423 Altenrhein
+41 (0) 718 - 509040