Fengersfors Bruk

The ironworks at Fengersfors in the Dalsland region of Västra Götland, 180 km north of Göteborg and 95 km south-west of Karlstad, was founded in the late eighteenth-century and worked until 1884. A large paper mill was established on the site in the early twentieth century and operated until 1978. After a period of dereliction it was revived from 2002 by the Not Quite artists’ co-operative, and is now a centre for art, culture, the encouragement of enterprise and the study of industrial history. Most of the buildings and equipment used in paper production, including digesters and huge paper-making machines, have been retained, and the three-storey brick building with its cluster of chimneys retains the air of an industrial concern, although it now contains studios for artists and craftspeople, and spaces for exhibitions and performances.

Fengersfors Bruk
Fabriksvägen 2
66295 Fengersfors
+46 (0) 532 - 23388