Fell Visitor Mine

Near Fell in western Germany, 20 km east of Trier, are the former slate mines Barbara and Hoffnung. The mines produced roofing slates: Hoffnung from around 1850 and Barbara from around 1908. They are now linked by a sloping tunnel and opened as a visitor mine in 1997 with the support of the local community and a volunteer association.

From the car park visitors walk to the mine entrance in wooded surroundings. A visitor centre has displays that give information about geology, extraction and processing techniques, the life of the slate miners and local history. They include hand tools, equipment, examples of slates, photographs and a video of modern slate mining. From there, visitors take a guided tour underground through tunnels and caverns, 70 m below ground, and see techniques of drilling and slate removal. On the surface, information panels explain the railways, mine entrances, buildings and waste tips. Facilities include a shop and bistro.



Fell Visitor Mine
Auf den Schiefergruben 3
54341 Fell
+49 (0) 6502 - 988588