Fagervik Ironworks

The well-preserved Fagervik ironworks at Inga (Inkoo) is architecturally the most distinguished in Sweden. It was established by Carl Billsten in 1646, and ceased production in 1902. The blast furnace was demolished in the late 18th century, and replaced by a water mill but two forge buildings remain, together with an iron warehouse and a tin-plate mill. The Rococo mansion houses of 1762-73 was designed by C F Schroder, and is surrounded by an English-style garden with Chinese pavilions and glasshouses of the 1840s. The wooden church where ironworkers worshipped dates from 1737 and its bell tower from 1766, while between the works and the church is a group of workers’ houses of c 1800, covered in ‘punamltamaali’ the traditional rusty-red paint of the region.

Fagervik Ironworks
Fagervik gårds väg
10250 Fagervik
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