The Elektromuseum is at Kappelerhof power station. It occupies the turbine hall of an early hydroelectric power plant at a weir on the river Limmat. The plant was completed in 1892 and decommissioned in 1976 when new turbines were installed underground. A turbine and generator were preserved in the hall next to the weir. This equipment is the centrepiece of the Elektromuseum. Visitors can see the turbine installed in 1918 and the generator of 1925 with the covers removed to give a view inside. Other historical equipment has been brought into the building to show how electricity was generated, transported and used in this pioneering era. The displays include early telephones, wooden patterns for casting the turbine gears, switches, metres, historic photographs and a miniature Pelton wheel that can be seen in operation. Outside, next to the river, are information panels, original turbines and a Pelton wheel.

Kraftwerk Kappelerhof, Im Roggebode 19
5400 Baden
+41 (0) 56 - 2009400