Eifel Millstone District

The millstone district in the Eifel is an area of the eastern Eifel between Mayen and Mendig with a 7,000-year history of continuous grindstone and millstone production using local deposits of basalt lava. The district developed as a result of quaternary volcanic activity caused by eruptions from the Wingertsberg and Bellerberg volcanos approximately 200,000 years ago. The neighbouring Lake Laach volcano also erupted during the quaternary period approximately 12,000 years ago.

The local grindstone and millstone industry manufactured the key product for grinding large quantities of grain to outstanding quality.

The nearby river Rhine linked the Eifel millstone district and the rest of the known world with its markets. The grindstones and millstones necessary for processing the grain and therefore of vital importance to the population’s food supply were marketed at all periods. They were exported to Great Britain, Scandinavia, far into the east of Europe and to America.

Eifel Millstone District
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