East Anglia Transport Museum

The creation of the East Anglian Transport Museum resulted from the initiative of four tram enthusiasts who restored an old Lowestoft tram from 1962. The museum was opened at Carlton Colville, 3 km from Lowestoft, in 1965. The collections consist principally of trams, trolley buses and motor buses. A circuit on which trolley buses can operate was opened in 1971. The present collection of trolley buses includes four from London and examples from Solingen (1952), Biel (1948), Copenhagen (1926), Bournemouth, Manchester and Belfast. The tramcar route, through woodlands to a picnic area at Hedley Grove, is operated by vehicles from Lowestoft, Blackpool, Amsterdam, Sheffield and London. There are also road rollers, military cars and vehicles designed for delivering beer, bread and milk. A small collection of cars includes a Trabant of 1989. The roads are lined with authentic street furniture. An entry ticket entitles a visitor to as much travel on buses, trolley buses or tramcars as he or she wishes

East Anglia Transport Museum
Chapel Road Carlton Colville
NR33 8BL Lowestoft
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1502 - 518459