Dutch House Industrial Heritage Information Centre

Sisak became an important centre of industry in the nineteenth century and twentieth century, thanks to its transport connections by railways and by the rivers Kupa and Sava to the Danube. In the information centre, there are exhibitions about this industrial history and a 3-d animation shows the development of 35 different industrial sites in the area. Among the key industries was the Teslić spirits distillery, an electricity generation plant opened in 1907, the Talionica Caprag steelworks opened in 1938 and an oil refinery opened in 1927. The Dutch House building was a commercial premises and warehouse built in the mid-nineteenth century, designed in the Amsterdam style with a tall, stepped gable facing the River Kupa. The six-floor complex was restored after becoming derelict and is now an important cultural centre which contains not just the information centre but the Striegl art gallery and the Kraker collection of gramophones and radios.

Dutch House Industrial Heritage Information Centre
Info centar industrijske baštine – Holandska kuća
Rimska ulica 10
44000 Sisak
+385 (0) 44 - 811811